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"Tweedy Sunset, Palouse, Washington"

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"Tweedy Sunset, Palouse, Washington"

Toasty warmth bathes this photograph of the sunset over some autumn agricultural fields in Palouse, Washington. The town can be seen below Steptoe Butte in this photo, although Steptoe is about 20 miles away from the town of Palouse.

Please note that this photo is purposely mottled and grainy- textured, and has lens flare circles, all of which are intended to add to the rough-hewn, unpolished appearance of the picture. See the sample photos in the slider for detailed images of areas of the photograph. This photo is only available printed on canvas, as the texture of the canvas adds to the overall effect of the photo's painterly and rustic appearance.

The watermark that appears on this website's online photo samples will not appear on the any of the printed photographs.

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