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"The Palouse - A Favorite Place" Book

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The book is 6x9", a perfect size for mailing as a gift or for traveling!

Softcover Palouse Photography Book!

"The Palouse - A Favorite Place" Book

This 6x9" soft cover book contains 140 photographs of the Palouse region of Eastern Washington and adjacent North Idaho. Perfect for anyone who loves the Palouse, or who wants to share its rural beauty with others, or who wants to view this unique landscape in photos.

This book is primarily a portfolio of landscape photographs, though many photos have captions, telling the location of the picture or a detail about the subject. The captions provide enough information to allow someone who has never visited the Palouse to gain an understanding of the area and a familiarity with some of it's amazing vistas and photogenic qualities.

"The Palouse - A Favorite Place" has French fold flaps on the front and back covers printed with information about what "the Palouse" is and about the photographer and author. The back cover shows a map of the Palouse region, highlighting some of the towns, parks, and interpretive sites of the region.

A unique feature begins on page 31, where special fold-out pages create three different multi-page photo spreads. One of the photo spreads shows a landscape scene from the same viewpoint photographed in four seasons. A second spread shows three views of Upper Palouse Falls and Palouse Falls, and the final multi-page spread shows white-tailed deer in a Palouse agricultural field. The slider photo on this page shows the four season landscape scene and the Palouse Falls photo spreads.

None of the photos in this book appear in Alison's hardcover Palouse photography book, "Palouse Perspective".

This book was produced to be high quality ~ printed on heavy weight, silky-to-the-touch, matte surface paper, with elegant rust-colored foil stamp titles on the front cover, and bound with thread sewn signatures to maximize wear and allow pages to be opened widely without breaking the spine.

Printed in the USA in an eco-friendly facility.

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