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It Began At This Pond

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About This Image

It Began At This Pond

One evening, I was out photographing the Palouse hills, when I came upon this magnificent stand of hundreds of cottonwood trees around a pond near the town of Palouse, Washington.

I've always felt an affinity for trees, but for a long time, I've primarily photographed the open fields of the Palouse region and had photographed trees very little by comparison.

The sun was setting, creating silhouettes of the many trunks, and the last golden light of the day was glittering off the pond deep within the trees. The tangled leaves and dark shadows made the place seem other worldly and magical, and I wanted to capture some of that feeling.

I started photographing, getting excited about the possibilities of taking photos that are painterly, abstract, and surreal, rather than being realistic documents.

And so began my journey creating this CanopyKinesis photo series.

To make this photo, I moved the zoom lens out while taking a long exposure. Later, I increased the saturation and contrast in Photoshop to emphasize the surreal and mystical feeling of that place.

CanopyKinesis Photo Series

This photo is part of a series of photographs about trees, leaves, forests, and woodlands, called CanopyKinesis, all of which are printed on luminescent, high gloss aluminum sheets. In a departure from my generally realistic landscape scenes, the photos in this series are mostly semi- and fully abstract. Each piece depicts an emotional-figurative aspect of the arboreal landscape, rather than attempting to be a faithful representation of a specific place.

The images in this series were created by combining in-camera manipulations (camera movement, multiple and over-exposures, changing focus during exposure, etc.) and post-production digital painting techniques.

About Photos on Metal

Photos on Metal are created by a special process that infuses the image into specially coated aluminum sheets that have a durable high gloss finish, creating a brilliant, lasting artwork that seems to glow from within.

Photos on Metal...

  • not have to be framed or protected under glass, which makes the artwork all about the image, without the visual distraction of a frame;

  • ...are scratch-resistant, with a hard, durable surface;

  • ...are waterproof;

  • ...come with a float mount hanger, which displays the metal print 1/2” off the wall, providing a distinctive, shadow effect;

  • ...are cleanable with glass cleaner and non-abrasive cloth;

  • ...have high gloss and luminescent color that lasts a lifetime when displayed away from longterm direct sunlight.

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