Alison Meyer Photography

"Forest Melange"

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About This Image

"Forest Melange"

To make this photo, I took a picture of a mixed coniferous and deciduous forest under a blue sky, moving the camera during a long exposure, to create a slightly blurry forest scene.

Later, on my computer, I digitally cut out portions of the photo and pasted them back on to the original photo, over and over again.

I used varied methods to "cut" and smear the photo pieces, which were collaged into layers of earthy tones, mimicking the shapes of photo paper cut-outs, brush strokes, and a palette knife.

Photos on Metal

Photos on Metal are created by a special process that infuses the image into specially coated aluminum sheets that have a durable finish, creating a brilliant, lasting artwork that seems to glow from within.

Photos on Metal...

  • not have to be framed or protected under glass, which makes the artwork all about the image, without the visual distraction of a frame;

  • ...are scratch-resistant, with a hard, durable surface;

  • ...are waterproof;

  • ...come with a float mount hanger, which displays the metal print 1/2” off the wall, providing a distinctive, shadow effect;

  • ...are cleanable with glass cleaner and non-abrasive cloth;

  • ...have a luminescent color that lasts a lifetime when displayed away from longterm direct sunlight.

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