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The Palouse 2020 Calendar

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The back cover of the 2020 Palouse Calendar

Photos From Around the Palouse Region Throughout the Seasons

The Palouse 2020 Calendar

Calendars are now $5 each and shipping is still only $5 (to one address), no matter how many you order!

This Palouse calendar features photographs from across the Palouse region of Eastern Washington and adjacent North Idaho, including scenes near Steptoe and Kamiak Buttes, Fairfield, and Revere, Washington, and photos from Moscow, Potlatch, and Tensed in Idaho. Included are major holidays, start and end dates for daylight savings time, equinoxes and solstices, as well as full and new moon phases, all in Pacific Time. The month of December for 2019 is also included at the start of the calendar, so you can start enjoying the Palouse calendar before 2020 even arrives!

The Palouse is a land of serene rolling hills, picturesque farms, brushy draws and treed buttes, under often amazingly gorgeous skies. In this 2020 Palouse calendar, see photographs that show why the Palouse is beloved by so many who live here and by many who visit this unique landscape.

Each month of the calendar features a photograph of a scene that is representative of the mood and color of the Palouse during that month.

The interior pages have a luster finish for easy writing of notes when using pen, pencil or markers. Calendars are 9 X 11.5" and are sleeved in clear protective plastic. This is the perfect size for gift-giving--calendars fit into the US Postal Service's free priority mail envelopes and they fit in almost any carry-on luggage for gift-giving while traveling.

Printed in the USA in an eco-friendly facility.

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