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Alison Meyer's photographs may be purchased on this website, by mail, and by phone. Alison Meyer Photography may also be viewed and purchased at many locations listed on the Shops With Alison Meyer Photography page. For image usage requests not listed on this website, email or call 208-686-1936. Click here for more details about how to find and place your online order, about prices and about other photo products.

Photos Printed on Canvas
Click here for information and prices for Photos on Canvas

Photos Printed on Photographic Paper
Alison's photographs that are printed on high quality photographic paper have a matte surface and are printed by a process which provides exceptional clarity, color depth, and longevity. With a long life span of over 70 years, photographs will maintain their color when framed under glass and displayed away from bright light and high humidity.

Matted print samples

Matted and Framed Photographs
Most photographs in smaller sizes (7x10", 11x16", and some others) may be ordered mounted and with matting which complements the image and makes the print ready for framing, most often in standard frame sizes.

Matted prints are cold mounted with a non-toxic, archival dry adhesive on acid free backing and are matted with exceptional quality acid free cotton rag mat board. This high quality mat board provides a very long-lasting white core and surface color as well as protection for the photograph.

Matted photographs are hand titled on the mat and come with an informational label on the back and are sleeved in clear plastic for protection until framing.

Most 7x10" and 11x16" mounted and matted photographs are also offered framed in 11x14" and 16x20" frames, respectively. There are so many frame styles available, it's difficult to describe them all on this site. If you order a framed photo, we will call you to discuss frame options. Or, call or email us with your custom matting or framing requests.

note card samples

Note Cards
Many images are available as printed note cards. A color coordinated envelope is included. Cards are sleeved in protective plastic, unless noted otherwise.

Title and Signature Details
Prints 5x7" and larger are signed in archival metallic ink on a bottom corner. Prints are delivered with a label stating information about the photographer and the prints. The title of un-matted photographs is hand written by Alison on the information label. The title of matted photographs is hand written by Alison on the front of the mat in black ink. If you desire, you may request that the title be left off of the mat in the "comments/requests" portion of the online order form.

Alison at the light box Technology
For almost 20 years, I photographed with 35mm Minolta cameras outfitted with a variety of lenses, using a tripod whenever possible and Fujichrome slide films. In early 2007, I began using a Canon 5D digital SLR, which offers an improved workflow for creating professional quality photographs with high clarity, color accuracy and consistency at a reasonable price. I continue to use Canon cameras and lenses today.

The Canon digital camera and digital scans (made from my slides using a professional drum scanner) provide high resolution digital files from which I perform all technological adjustments regarding cropping, color and density corrections and dust removal, primarily using Adobe Photoshop and LightRoom image editing software programs.

These image editing programs have added another dimension to my photographic creativity and I've had a lot of fun making altered variations of some of my original pictures. Images that have been significantly manipulated are usually pretty obvious, but they are labeled as such in the individual image descriptions.

The online representations of images have been displayed to appear as close as possible to the photographic prints. However, differences in monitor settings and other technical factors may cause slight variation in color and brightness from the actual photographs.

Print Care
For longest lasting color and print adhesion of mounted prints, photographs should be displayed away from long-term direct sunlight and high humidity.

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