Alison Meyer Photography

About Photographs on Metal

A metal pring on the wall in a room
Prints on metal are avialable in many sizes from 11x16" to 40x60" and may be ordered in custom sizes.

Alison Meyer's photos on metal offer a striking presentation of her images, printed on lightweight aluminum with a semi-gloss finish and ready-to-hang without additional framing or hardware. Alternative finishes (high gloss, satin, and matte) are available by special request.

Photos on metal are created by a professional lab that uses state-of-the-art technology to infuse long-lasting dyes directly into specially-coated aluminum sheets, resulting in a stunning rendering of the image with vibrant, graduated colors and high detail, with a brilliant luminescence that is unique to prints on metal.

The durable semi-gloss finish is scratch resistant and waterproof, and limits distractions of reflections from sun or room light, while maintaining clarity of the photo. The surface is cleanable with water and a non-abrasive cloth.

Gold Alison Meyer signature on print
Prints are hand signed and titled by Alison in gold or silver ink. The corners of the metal are rounded, to soften the appearance and sharpness of the metal.

The luminescent color lasts a lifetime when displayed away from longterm direct sunlight.

Prints come with an information label adhered to the back, with details about Alison and how to care for the print.



back of prints

A metal print up close


Most of Alison's photos on metal come with a 1/2" deep rectangular float hanger pre-installed on the back of the metal print, which is several inches smaller than the photo. When hung on the wall, the 1/2" depth of the hanger results in an elegant shadow effect, as the print surface does not touch the wall directly and the hanger is not visible from the sides.


inset frame hanger on back of metal photo
The largest photos on metal (and others, by customer request), may come with a 3/4" inset frame with wire or French cleat for hanging.
Stainless steel post in corner of metal photo
Stainless steel post hangers are also available for additional cost, by request.