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Many Alison Meyer Photography products may be purchased on this website and at the many galleries and shops listed on the Shops With Alison Meyer Photography page.

Inquiries regarding custom orders and other questions not answered on this website can be emailed here or give us call at 208-686-1936.

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The following is a list of many of the photograph sizes and prices for items available on this site.

All of Alison’s photos are not available in every size, but most may be printed in sizes not offered on this website -- there are just too many to list! So, if you have a custom size you'd like, whether you want it printed on paper, canvas, or metal, please click here to send an email with your questions.

Alison Meyer Photography Books
"Palouse Perspective" hardcover book: $44.95
"The Palouse~ A Favorite Place" soft cover book: $25.00

At the time of year when calendars are offered for sale on this website, the price of calendars is:
One calendar: $13.95
2-4 calendars: $13.50 each
5-9 calendars: $13.00 each
10-15 calendars: $12.00 each
15-23 calendars: $11.00 each
24+ calendars: $10.00 each

Photo Note Pads and Note Cards
Photography Stationery Note Pad: $7.00 each/3 for $18/4 for $24/5 for $25
Note card with envelope: $3.00
Note card with envelope ~ 6-23 cards of the same image: $2.75 each
Note card with envelope ~ 24+ cards of the same image: $2.50 each
Note card with envelope ~ 100+ cards of the same image: $2.25 each

Photographs Printed on Photographic Paper
7x10" photograph: $29
7x10" photograph mounted and matted to fit an 11x14" frame: $45
7x10" photograph mounted, matted and framed in an 11x14" frame: $85
11x16" photograph: $59
11x16" photograph mounted and matted to fit a 16x20" frame: $89
11x16" photograph mounted, matted and framed in a 16x20" frame: $169
12x12" photograph: $45
16x16" photograph: $65
16x24" photograph: $115
20x30" photograph: $145
24x36" photograph: $175
30x45" photograph: $325
12x24" photograph: $90
12x36" photograph: $125
16x48" photograph: $185
18x36" photograph: $160
18x40" photograph: $175
18x48" photograph: $210
18x54" photograph: $235
24x48" photograph: $275

Click here for information and prices for Photos on Canvas

Photos Printed on Metal
Photo on Metal "Traditional" Sized Rectangles
16x24" $195
20x30" $265
24x30" $340
24x36" $395
30x45" $625
36x45” $730
36x54" $795

Photo On Metal Panoramas (wider rectangles)
10x30" $155
12x24" $165
12x36” $245
12x48" $255
16x48” $435
17x60" $375
18x36" $290
18x44.5” $335
18x48” $360
18x54” $495
20x40" $345
12x24" $155
20x60" $505
22x48” $480
34x60" $750
37.5x60” $825
40x60" $880

Photo On Metal Squares (or nearly square)
20x20" $185
20x22" $205
24x24" $245
30x32" $440
36x36" $450

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How To Place an Online Order

Delivery Times and Methods

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Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are calculated based on the weight and size of the packaged item, delivered to the shipping address zip code entered on the online checkout order form. You can check your shipping total before you are committed to purchasing. There is a $5.00 minimum shipping cost.

This site offers unique deferred shipping options, which allow the customer to work with us to arrange shipping of orders without having to pay for the shipping at the time the order is placed online. This helps us to find the least expensive and most convenient shipping arrangements before shipping is billed. Often, free pick up or local delivery of large items may be arranged. Click here for more information.

Email me or call me at 208-686-1936. I'm happy to answer your questions about photo availability, turnaround times, and shipping.

Payment Options

US customers may pay by PayPal, Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover, check, or money order. Information regarding where to mail check or money order payments is provided when you fill out your online order form.

This site utilizes 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, the industry standard in securely transferring confidential information via the internet. A closed padlock icon in the URL address bar indicates that your transmission is encrypted and that you are transferring information only with the address shown in the URL.

You may also pay by credit card by phone. Please call 208-686-1936 with your order and credit card information.

Return Policies

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