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Deferred Shipping

This website offers unique “deferred shipping” options, which allow the customer and Alison to arrange for in-person delivery of orders or shipping of orders without having to pay for the shipping at the time the order is placed online. This helps us to find the least expensive and most convenient shipping arrangements before shipping is billed. Often, arrangements may be made for free pick-up, or for local delivery with a minimal fee in the Palouse/Coeur d'Alene/Spokane region.

There are TWO deferred shipping options:

1) Customer Selects Deferred Shipping. You may select the deferred shipping option on your order form when placing your order online, if you would like to arrange delivery in the local area (in the Moscow-Pullman/Palouse region or the Coeur d’Alene-Spokane area), without the need for a shipping carrier such as FedEx, UPS, or the USPS. Alison Meyer Photography will contact you to arrange direct pick-up or delivery. If the customer picks up the order themselves from Alison, shipping will not be charged. If we deliver the order to the customer's home or other location, without having to ship it via a shipping carrier, the shipping charge will be approximately $10. For example, orders may be picked up at the Alison Meyer Photography booth during Moscow Farmers Market hours in the summer months, and no shipping would be charged. To choose this option, place your order on this website's online order form and, under the “Shipping Information” portion of the checkout process, select the option which says: “Note: If you would prefer to arrange a special delivery with Alison, rather than paying for shipping now, you may do so by clicking here.”

2) Automatic Deferred Shipping (for some items). Some oversized items automatically have their shipping deferred by the website until a satisfactory shipping arrangement is agreed upon. Some photos on canvas, for example, are so large that it is difficult to automate a shipping cost calculator, so these and other large items have automatically deferred shipping. This automatic deferred shipping is explained on the website when items with deferred shipping are ordered. If you order other items in the same order as the item with automatic deferred shipping, the cost of shipping will be deferred for all items, since all items most likely will be shipped or picked up together. Alison Meyer Photography will contact you for delivery arrangements shortly after the order is received.

*NOTE: For both deferred shipping options, shipping costs will not be included in your order’s cost and you will only be charged shipping after you and Alison have agreed upon the best shipping option. Orders will gladly be refunded if no shipping-delivery arrangements can be made.

Email me or call me at 208-686-1936. I'm happy to answer your questions about prints, availability, turnaround time, and shipping.

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