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About Photographs on Canvas

Many of Alison Meyer's photographs are available printed on high quality artist canvas. Photos printed on canvas offer a beautiful, elegant, long-lasting alternative to traditional prints on photographic paper.

Photograph on Canvas--Palouse Classic

Alison's photographs on canvas…

To Order Photos on Canvas

Photo On Canvas--Native Wildflowers in the Palouse Hills

Sizes & Prices for Photos on Canvas

Prices below are for photos printed on canvas, wrapped around and secured to a wooden support frame and wired for hanging. Some wider and larger sizes requiring additional support come with an extra cross brace as needed for added stability, included in the price.

Most of the pictures on this website are be available in sizes not listed here ~ there are too many sizes to list them all! Contact Alison via email or call 208-686-1936 for more information.

Image is wrapped around sides of canvas

Canvas is secured to a strong wooden frame and wired for hanging Traditional Rectangles:
16x24" $185
20x30" $245
24x36" $325
30x45" $435
36x54" $595

Panoramas (wider rectangles):
12x24" $155
12x36" $235
16x40" $275
16x42" $295
16x48" $325
18x32" $265
18x36" $285
18x40" $325
18x48" $345
18x54" $380
20x40” $320
20x48" $375
20x60” $480
22x48" $395
24x48" $425
24x72" $550

Squares (or nearly square):
20x20" $165
20x22" $195
24x24" $225
30x32" $355
36x36" $450


Normal Shipping. Photos on canvas are shipped via the most cost effective method possible, determined at the time the order is packaged. The cost of shipping is calculated based on the weight and size of the packaged item, delivered to the shipping address zip code entered on the online checkout order form. Because photos on canvas are not framed with glass, shipping is safer and lighter than photographs of similar size that are framed under glass. However, the size of some canvases still makes them somewhat costly to ship because of the large box sizes necessary for safe delivery.

Deferred Shipping. This website offers two unique “deferred shipping” options which allow you to defer shipping payments so that we can work together to arrange in-person or alternative delivery of your order. This helps us to find the least expensive and most convenient shipping arrangements before shipping is billed. Often, free pick-up or local delivery may be arranged. Click here for more information about Deferred Shipping options.

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