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About Alison Meyer

Alison Meyer and customer at Moscow Farmers Market

Since 1990, Alison Meyer has been a professional photographer in North Idaho, selling her photographs to thousands of customers world-wide.

Alison's award-winning photography is sold in galleries, shops, art shows and on this website. (Click here for a full list of stores that carry Alison Meyer Photography.)

Her prints are displayed in private and public collections around the world; in public installations and in homes and work places on six continents.

Alison Meyer Photography

Alison's photographs have appeared in numerous magazine and books including her own books, "Palouse Perspective" Book and "The Palouse ~ A Favorite Place", the book "Messages From Idaho" and the publications Uniquely Palouse, Washington State Magazine, Palouse Journal, Appaloosa Journal, and Atlantic Monthly Magazine.

Alison’s photos also have been printed in calendars, including her own Palouse calendar since 2004, and in many newspaper articles, commercial displays and advertisements.

Alison was also a featured artist in the Idaho Public Television documentary, "Visions on the Palouse" and Outdoor Idaho‘s "Picturing Idaho".

I remember when I was a little girl, holding my fingers in a rectangle in front of my face, pretending to frame a photograph of the scene in front of me. Being a photographer or an artist seemed very exciting and special, so much so that while growing up I barely considered it possible for me to pursue these magical things, especially as a career. Today, after more than 25 years as a full-time photographer, I still see photography as a gift in my life.

Growing up near New York City exposed me to a variety of creative energies and opportunities for viewing and learning about art. Although the artworld's emphasis at that time was often on the more avant-garde, I felt most attracted to images that provided comfort and visual retreat from a hectic world. I found myself drawn to Impressionists, Pictorialists, and to contemporary painters who blend swaths of colors into abstract landscapes, evoking emotions with their artistic interpretation of place.


In my early 20's, a cross country trip with a friend, cameras, and life's essentials crammed into a Datsun hatchback for three months on the road, introduced me to travel, outdoor photography, and wide open landscapes. Returning home to a supportive audience of friends and family who encouraged me to show and print my travel pictures suddenly made photography as a profession seem possible.

After doing several jobs in Boston relating to the technical aspects of photography (commercial lab work, studio assisting) and graduating from college, it was time for the Move West. A friend in Idaho (who later became my husband!) led me to the Inland Northwest, and ever since, the mountains, lakes, and Palouse fields of this region have been my home and the subjects of my outdoor photography.

The experience of Idaho country living has given me a deep admiration of the natural world. Hiking, fishing, falconry, farming, and gardening have exposed me to many scenes and creatures that have inspired my lifestyle and my pictures. The challenges and rewards of creating photographs which depict nature's often subtle and fleeting beauties continue to fuel my picture-taking, but the incredibly supportive response from viewers who complement and encourage me has been the most satisfying personal benefit of my work."