Alison Meyer Photography

CanopyKinesis Photos on Metal

CanopyKinesis Photos on Metal

This gallery shows a series of photographs of trees, leaves, woodlands, and forests, titled, "CanopyKinesis", all of which are printed on luminescent, high gloss aluminum sheets.

In a departure from my generally realistic landscape scenes, the photos in this series are mostly semi- and fully abstract. Each piece depicts an emotional-figurative aspect of the arboreal landscape, rather than attempting to be a faithful representation of a specific place.

The images in this series were created by combining in-camera manipulations (camera movement, multiple, under- and over-exposures, changing focus during exposure, etc.) and post-production digital painting techniques.

Images in this gallery are limited to 5 prints of each piece. Each print is numbered and signed. Information about the artist and how to care for the metal artwork is adhered to the back.

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