Alison Meyer Photography

What's New

An Easier Way to Order Note Cards!

There's a new "gallery" on this website, The Photo Note Card Gallery, where you can shop for Alison's note cards all in one location. It's a more streamlined process than having to search through other subject galleries looking for the cards you want. Cards are even organized into groups by subject, making it easier to find the types of cards you need. And cards have discounted pricing as you buy greater quantities!

Palouse Perspective Books
Looking for a hard cover Palouse Perspective book? Alison's first Palouse photography book, originally printed in 2008 with a second printing in 2014, has sold over 5,000 copies and has been "sold out" for a few years now. But... there are still a few copies floating around here and there, and The Shop at the Barn in Uniontown, Washington still has a few! Call 509-229-3414 and Julie will send you one by mail, if you can't make it to The Shop in person.

New Shop Carrying AMP
BlackBird at the Depot now stocks Alison's soft cover books and a few railroad-related coasters and note cards. This fun, funky gallery and gift shop in Potlatch has locally made items, vintage collectables, and consignment clothing, all in the historic WI&M Depot. 185 6th St, Potlatch, ID. Thursday through Saturday, 10 am til 4 pm. (509) 595-7684.