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2021 Palouse Calendars are Here!

2021 Palouse calendars are ready to be shipped from my website now! I've printed a Palouse photography calendar every year since 2004, but this year I was on the verge of not printing one for 2021. Because of the pandemic, the stores and fairs where I normally sell calendars have such reduced customer numbers, that I thought I wasn't going to be able to justify the cost of printing. But recently, so many people have contacted me looking for the 2021 calendar and encouraged me to print it, that I've decided to go ahead and make it. I've printed about half as many as usual and hope this will work out. Soooooo, the calendars have arrived from the printers and they will be distributed to many stores throughout the region in the next few weeks. Click here or on the calendar cover image on this page to read more. Thanks so much for supporting 17 years of Palouse Calendars!!! 

The Moscow Farmers Market

I will not be at the Sept 19 Moscow Farmers Market. The Market is currently open to all vendors, using a "safe distancing" protocol, which includes a masking requirement (by order of the City of Moscow), and booths arranged to encourage maximum spacing between people. I will participate in some of the remaining Farmers Markets, though not all of them.

The Motor-In Moscow Farmers Market offers an option for you to place online orders from some Farmers Market vendors for items to be picked up at City Hall on Saturdays. I have chosen so far to not participate in the Motor-In Market, because you can order from my website and you may choose the "deferred shipping" option, which means you will not be charged shipping and we can arrange for pick up of your order at the Farmers Market or elsewhere in the area.

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