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"Foxtail Lilies By the Old Shed, Moscow, Idaho"

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"Foxtail Lilies By the Old Shed, Moscow, Idaho"

This is a place I'd wanted to photograph for years. Every late spring, from a distance, I could see these pink, tall, surreal-looking flowers around an old homestead north of Moscow, Idaho, but I never took the time to stop and explore the scene with my camera. This year, I finally followed 2 lessons I often tell others when they ask for advice about how to get good pictures. First, always have your camera with you, so that you are ready to photograph when the light is right. And second, STOP and take the picture! Take that 15 minutes or half hour and take the photo when it's there, while the light is amazing, the flowers are in bloom, and the old barn is still standing. Because most often, the same great photo opportunity won't present itself again the next time you're there.

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