Alison Meyer Photography

Sage Notes Book Review

The following review appeared in the Winter 2008 issue of the Idaho Native Plants Society's publication, "Sage Notes":

By Nancy Miller
Palouse Perspective is a new book of landscape photographs by Alison Meyer. Alison is well known on the Palouse where her cards, prints, and calendars are frequently sought out by locals for gifts and home decorations and by tourists as just that perfect remembrance of the Palouse. Her booth at the Moscow Outdoor Market is always one of the most popular as people search through the collection of her prints. Now she has a new book to add to her credits and it is a treasure worth having.

Most of us who move to the Palouse and who are photographers, whether amateurs or professional, have been used to photographing scenery of mountains, lakes, buildings, trees, etc where the subject is easily captured as the central theme of the photograph. At first the Palouse seems impressive to view, but impossible to capture in a photograph. But Alison, who came from the Northeast, has learned to photograph the different elements of the Palouse with an extraordinary talent and teaches us all new ways to look at the scenery unfolding around us.

The selection of photographs includes many scenic panoramas - undulating hills in various seasons and colors, patterns formed by agricultural plantings, misty mornings and impressive sunsets. Historic barns and abandoned farmhouses, old cars and farm machinery, as well as local attractions such as Palouse Falls and the Snake River all are featured. Many of the photographs are aerial views which give us a view of the Palouse we only rarely glimpse allowing us a more compressed view of a larger view. In addition to the photographs which capture the areas under cultivation, there are some which feature the native wildflowers and shrubs which thrive in uncultivated areas – hills too steep to farm, tops of buttes and ridges, parks and roadside edges. Perhaps the next book will feature these remnant areas and the native forbs which we seek to protect.

Alison’s book is available from local bookstores and from her website

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