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Comments about "Palouse Perspective"

"I purchased your first edition of this book when it first came out and gave it to my father. He LOVED it! Ever since then, whenever I need a gift for someone who cares about the Palouse, I get one of your beautiful books. No one does it better Alison!
Jennifer S., Bellingham, WA

"The book arrived on my front porch yesterday and I dropped everything to page through it, saying "ooh" and "ahh" with every page turn. Now I can't wait for company to come over to sit by my coffee table and see what a beautiful place the Palouse is."
~Natalie, Albuquerque, NM

"...thanks much for the book. Your work really is amazing. You have a keen knack for capturing the immense beauty that exists in the Palouse!"
~Erik, Bellingham, WA

"Two of my friends just returned from that area, each with your book in hand. After flipping through the beautiful pages, I knew I had to have a copy for myself. Thanks again, and keep up the gorgeous work!"
~Terry, Fort Worth, TX

"I love your work. Miss those hills of home. Through your intimate photography work, you allow me glimpses representative of moments close to my heart -- those brief moments of being right here, right now (living in the now)."
~RJ, Eugene, OR

"I visited the Palouse years ago and have been just loving looking at your pictures on your web site since then. I just got your book and can't believe I waited so long to get it--it's wonderful! The photography is so lovely and amazing!"
~Lorraine, Maplewood, NJ

"Absolutely beautiful! You have always served as an inspiration to me in my own attempt at photography.... I must credit you with inspiring me to see more clearly the beauty of this magnificent landscape in which we live. (The inspiration has not only affected my photography, but also my ability to appreciate life in the Palouse.)"
~Ken, Pullman, WA

"Flying over this area in an airplane just doesn't capture its essence like your photos do. Several pictures made me catch my breath in awe as I realized how fortunate I am to live in this area."
~Edwina, Lewiston, ID

"I received your book - specially autographed to me. I've been a huge fan of your work for too many years to count.....Your book is fantastic and each of the pictures reminds me of home. Congratulations!"
~Lisha, Spokane, WA

"I love your 'Palouse Perspective'. Made me so home sick that I cried. I could feel the air."
~Virginia, Killeen, TX

A review from the City of Lewiston's "Staff Picks" web site page:
"A real eye-treasure! Strap yourself in and hang on as Alison gives you a bird's eye tour of our own backyard. You won't need a plane ticket for this journey. In fact, flying over the Palouse in an airplane just doesn't capture its essence like Ms. Meyer's photos do. Several pictures made me catch my breath in awe as I realized how fortunate I am to live in this area. As I began to read, I thought, "Alison can definitely take a picture - but can she write?" I was equally impressed with Alison's writing skill. Personality extends through the snippets of history, quotes, and personal anecdotes; I found myself chuckling one moment, reflective the next, eager to see what was next. This is a definite must-see for farmers, outdoor enthusiasts, or anyone proud to call Northern Idaho/Eastern Washington home."

"I wanted to say thank you for getting that book out so quickly!! It did make it there in time and he loved it! We both love your work and have several of your pictures. Thanks again!!!"
~Michele, Cheney, WA

"I am currently holding your book in my hand...I have to say what an extraordinarily beautiful thing and great piece of work. You did such a great job on this. I am so happy for you."
~John, Pullman, WA

"A very special Thank you for the extraordinary effort you made to get your "Palouse Perspective" to Seattle, WA. Just to let you know - it was delivered to the door at 3 PM Christmas Eve, wrapped, and under the tree for me on Christmas morn. My husband and I live in Spokane (5 yrs now) and our sons have been students at WSU (youngest just graduated) so I have been travelling the 195 frequently over the months and years and have truly come to love the ever-changing ruggedly beautiful landscape. Your photos have captured the essence of the seasons of the Palouse. The effort it took to get this photojournal to me is also a reflection of the tenacity and strength of the people and land of the Palouse."
~Debbie, Spokane, WA

“…your book is fantastic. Keep compiling the images of the Palouse. You are documenting the subtle variations of nature for future generations who may not be as fortunate as we are.”
~Mike, Kingsville, TX

"It is a beautiful work of art. Hope it does well for you everywhere."
~Toni, Coeur d'Alene, ID

"Thank you so much for the book, it is incredible! It's nice to read the 'story' behind the pictures."
~Jeff, Spokane, WA

"CONGRATULATIONS on your amazing BOOK!!! It is so lovely! You did a wonderful job putting it together."
~Milia, Berkeley, CA

"Thank-you so much for making such a wonderful book. It is just beautiful!"
~Betty, Pullman, WA

"I've been savoring your book, it is an amazing mouthwatering feast. Not only your exquisite photos, which speak straight to my heart, but your writing too…. Above all I love the attention to detail, the whole book has been so lovingly crafted; the photo under the dust cover, the quality of the paper and of course the reproductions…"
~Anna, Moscow, ID

"Your book arrived and it is awesome! I enjoyed looking at the photos and also reading the text. Oh, what a beautiful area you live in! Your photos are powerful and the text and quotes really encapsulate love for the area."
~Gayle, Pottstown, PA

"I received your new photography book a couple days ago and wanted to tell you how much my family and I are enjoying it! The photographs are stunningly beautiful and the text adds just the right touch to accompany them. It has surpassed my every expectation and I commend you on all your efforts to document the beautiful, unique landscape of the inland Northwest."
~Janet, Oxnard, CA

"Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your Palouse Perspective photos. As a kid, I rode my bicycle around the inside of the Steinke barn near St. John, and have always been a big landscape/scenery photography fan. You captured many shots that bring back wonderful memories for me. Thank you. Best of luck with the book."
~Mike, Spokane, WA

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