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The Palouse Photo Gallery

The Palouse Photo Gallery

The Palouse is a region of the Inland Northwest where southeastern Washington meets with Idaho. Gracefully undulating hills are blanketed with a patchwork of colorful crops and dotted with small farm towns, buttes, and pioneer homesteads, making the Palouse an ever-changing and inspiring photographic subject.

Photos of farms, rolling hills, old buildings, and native plant landscapes in the Palouse region-- including pictures of Steptoe and Kamiak Buttes, Moscow and Tekoa Mountains, and many other Palouse locations-- can be seen in this Palouse gallery of photographs.

Click on any image in this gallery to read a little about the photo and to see the photo's purchase options. Most pictures in this gallery are available printed on professional photographic paper, canvas, and metal and some are printed as note cards as well.

There are over 15 pages of Palouse photos in this gallery-- be sure to click on the next pages to see more Palouse photos!

Many of Alison's Palouse photographs appear in her books, "The Palouse ~ A Favorite Place" and "Palouse Perspective".