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Here is some information regarding the most common Q's we're receiving these days. Still got questions? Please write to Alison via the contact form below....


I am in business (and I GREATLY appreciate your support at this time)! I'm shipping orders and stocking stores as they need. There are some occassional diffierences in the turnaround time of orders, but so far, the supply chain for photography has not been affected significantly. I will also be participating in the Moscow Farmers Market on some Saturdays, though not all. You can check on my Farmers Market participation by clicking here.

Deferred Shipping

You may choose the "deferred shipping" option when ordering online, so that your order will not be charged shipping at the time you place the order, and Alison will contact you to meet you for delivery of your order in the Palouse region.

Visiting the Palouse

If you're looking for information about visiting or photographing the Palouse, click here. Many people inquire whether Alison gives photo lessons or tours of the Palouse ~ at this time, Alison does not do either. Do a web search and you'll find several other photographers and tour groups that offer these services.

Contact Alison

Please fill out the form below to send Alison a message. Inquiries regarding orders, turnaround times, and custom requests are responded to quickly. Due to the high volume of emails to this site, all emails regarding other subjects may not receive responses. Or, call Alison at 208-686-1936.

Thank you for your interest!

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